Welcome to the CalmAndCode school, with me Moast Alawi you will intensify your programming skills and you will create real applications.

My focus is on getting you prepared for competing in the market and getting job in big companies.

Hi, I'm Mustafa Alawi

Hi, it's Mustafa Alawi Or "Moast", a Software engineer & entrepreneur. I've several years of experience in web development. I also have a great passion for Business & entrepreneurship and I run my own business.

I like teaching people web development and providing them with the knowledge that I have. My goal is to help you move forward with your career and get your dream job.

My courses focus on the "How to" rather than theoretical concepts that you will never use. Therefore, after each course you will have created some application and have know how it can be created.

I also work on multiple projects consistently and like to share my ideas, experiences with my students.


I'm very glad, the teacher is always there to help, his teaching are concise and I progressed a lot since I started his class. The weather app is a bit of a change ( I'm more familiar with other kind of app when starting a new programming language). So if you want to be in good hand when you start your project this is the class you should take.

- Jesn Soleil

Well, To be sincere he is a great teacher. Now, I understand every bit of e-commerce using laravel. Thank you for taking me through this. I will always check for your course. please do more. Ademola

- Ademola Tijani

Brilliant!! It's very nice and kindly explanation!!!

- Ki Ho Youn

This is just so great! Very well explained, easy to understand, informative, very well organized. There is so much value to gain from this experience.

- Cyrus Haroon