6th Course: Create Awesome Google Chrome Extensions

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Web Browsers are probably the first thing people used when they started learning about the interned about 20 years ago. But browsers now are completely different and have lots of features that have never been there. One of the most popular and most used web browser is Google Chrome Browser. With Google Chrome Browser you can do more than just surfing the internet. Actually you can install a piece of software called an Extension which makes it even more powerful by extending the browser's features and let's users manipulate the browsers in pretty much any way they want. Moreover, Extensions improve user experience by adding features that are either are not available in a website, or are better added externally!

Learn How to Create a Completely functional Google Chrome Extension and Publish it on Google Chrome Web Stroe.

This course will take you step by step towards learning how to create Google Chrome Extensions

First I'm going to start by teaching you basic and important concepts to make sure you understand the function of each part in the extension's files. Then I'll move on to setting up the HTML and design for your extension

And of course most importantly, the Javascript code, which serves as the commander for your Chrome Extension.

After taking this course, you will have created a complete Google Chrome Extension. And you you will be able to create new extensions. And not just that, you will also be taught how to publish them on Google Web Store so that people around the world can use your extensions.


This course provides you with the "How to" instead of focusing only on theories that might not be useful. It also gives you a clear step by step method to create your Google Chrome Extensions.

Some of the topics taught in this course:

  • Google Chrome Extensions Introduction
  • Basic Concepts.
  • Chrome Extensions Project Structure.
  • Designing your Chrome Extension
  • Google Chrome APIs for Extensions.
  • Create Background Color Changer Extension.
  • Publish your Google Chrome Extension.

Good luck and have a nice trip in this course!