Introduction & Orientation

What is the "Master Laravel Framework Bundle"?

The Master Laravel Framework Bundle is a series of courses where you will be taught Laravel from the very basics till being able to create complete Laravel projects.

What makes this class special is that it does not just teach you create ordinary Laravel apps, but it teaches you how to create real life web apps such as Laravel Employees Management Web App, Laravel Social Network, etc.

Why enroll in the Master Laravel Framework Bundle?

  • If you really want to be a Laravel Monster! then this is the place to start.
  • This class focus only on Laravel, so all Laravel concepts are taught in these courses.
  • You will be able to create REAL Laravel web apps such as Employees Management App, Social Networking App.

What are courses included in this path?

  1. Create Personal Blog Using Laravel.
  2. Create a Laravel Social Network
  3. Build a Laravel Employees Management System
  4. APIs in Laravel: Create a Laravel Movies API

In which order should you take the courses?

Well, you should start by The Laravel For Newbies course, where it explains the most basic Laravel concepts and code. The you can move on to The Laravel Employees Management Web Application course which is a complete course on creating a Employees Management app for the Web. The Laravel Movies APIs is for those who want to specialize in the back-end and become Laravel back-end developers, so it's an optional course. You can skip over it if you aren't interested in the back-end. The Laravel Online Social Network course can be taken thereafter as it contains advanced code and concepts.

Note: If you already have good understanding of PHP and Laravel then you can skip over the Laravel For Newbies Course and move on to the other courses.

What is expected after finishing this class?

after completing all courses you should:

  • Be able to write clean Laravel code.
  • Understand pure Laravel PHP code.
  • Be able to create Laravel Projects.
  • Be able to build APIs using Laravel.
  • Be able to create Different Complicated Laravel Web apps.
  • Be able to create your own Online Social Network App using Laravel.

Before you start…

  • Remember that coding is unlike many subjects, it requires lots of practicing and writing the code yourself.
  • Writing the code right after you finish each tutorial is extremely IMPORTANT.
  • NEVER skip over any tutorials because each tutorial depends on the preceding.
  • Good luck!