Forth Course: Laravel Online Social Network

In this course you will learn how to create Online Social Network using Laravel. I'll take you step by step so that you never get lost and also I'll make sure you understand every single piece of code. The course will cover several topics such as: CRUD operations, creating users, updating users data, creating posts, uploading post images, sending friend requests, accepting friend requests, adding friends, and much much more.

NOTE: This course is for advanced web developers. So it assumes you have good understanding of Laravel concepts, PHP, OOP, MySql, Database Structure and Design.

This course will make your a pro Laravel developer because being able to create a complex app such as a social network will also make you able to create other complicated web apps.

So after this course you should be able to create advanced level Laravel apps. Furthermore, this course will improve your abilities as a web developer and will be officially a Professional Laravel Developer. Finally, after the end of this course, you must be able to start applying fro Laravel jobs, no matter how difficult the job requirements are!

Note: In this course you'll also get downloadable source code. You will also be provided with an exercise or quiz at the end of each lecture to test your understanding.

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