Third Course: Laravel Movies APIs

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks. It can be used to create small, medium and large web app projects. Moreover, Laravel provides an amazing environment for APIs and the backend. More startups and companies have started using it to create APIs. Thus, The demand for PHP developers is increasing everyday and adding Laravel to your portfolio will get you jobs much easier.

NOTE: This course is for back-end web developers. So it assumes you have good understanding simple back-end concepts such as servers, clients and HTTP Requests.

This course is different that other courses as it focuses on the back-end. In this course you will learn how to create a complete Movies APIs. So you will learn how to server your front-end with Movies, update movies and also delete movies. I'll take you step by step so that you never get lost and also I'll make sure you understand every single piece of code.

 This course is designed for those who want to specialize in the back-end. So if you really want to become a back-end developer, then this is the course for you.

What you'll learn in this course will make you able to create a complete Movies APIs using Laravel. So after this course you should be able to create your own APIs using Laravel. Furthermore, this course will prepare you to start your career in the back-end as it covers one of the most important things that Back-end developers work on, which is APIs. Finally, after the end of this course, you can either build your own APIs, work as a freelancer Laravel developer or apply for start Laravel jobs confidently.

Note: In this course you'll also get downloadable source code. You will also be provided with an exercise or quiz at the end of each lecture to test your understanding.

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